Exclusive seaside
villas in Dubai

Our mission
In the Harrisoni La Mer villas, we have achieved a completely new and previously unattainable level of privacy, comfort and hedonism.
We are setting a benchmark for premium real estate and creating one of the best private residences in the world — high-class housing in the elite island part of Dubai.

Harrisoni Breeze

Harrisoni is a rare species of coral found in the waters of the Persian Gulf. The beauty of these living creatures is unparalleled: they are mysterious, elusive, and self-sufficient.There are no identical corals in the world's oceans, just like the unique villas of Harrisoni La Mer — the only ones of their kind. Like coral reefs, they are unique, hidden from outsiders, and only accessible to the chosen few.


From the patio to the rooftop lounge, the layout of the Harrisoni villa takes into account both Arabic traditions and a relaxed European lifestyle. Anticipating the needs of even the most discerning clients, the architects have created a functional, adaptive, and thoroughly thought-out space. Whether for work, relaxation, sports, parties with friends, or family holidays, comfort is guaranteed for any scenario.


The design of Harrisoni Villa maintains a balance of fresh trends, timeless classics, and understated luxury. Glass, metal, wood, and textured natural stone predominate among the materials used for the exterior finish, harmonizing natural and futuristic motifs in the building's appearance. The villa's geometry deserves separate attention: a stepped structure, refined shapes, and strict lines are balanced by pergolas and transparent elements.


The task for the designers was not only to furnish and decorate the villa with premium furniture but also to create an inspiring environment — a place where one can disconnect from the outside world, restore internal resources, catch Zen, and enjoy life to the fullest. The aesthetics of each room are carefully thought out to the last detail, and elegance, luxury, and minimalism are intertwined in the interior.

Excellent location

10 minutes to the city center and 100 meters to the shore. The villas are located in the most prestigious area of Dubai where the leading metropolis of the Earth meets the Persian Gulf.

Exclusive offer

Exotic villas are only available to a limited number of people on the planet — those who deserve it and will appreciate it.

Original nature

Pure air, 360° view, and an endless sea. The villas absorb the serenity of the gulf, the freedom of the sea, and the atmosphere of a secluded island.
3D tour
Take a virtual walk in 3D mode to view the interior and layout of the villa from all angles.


Villa address
LaMer South, Jumeirah,
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Office 2603, the Oberoi tower, Business Bay, Dubai, UAE
+971 52 334 1019

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